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Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health

SocialOccupational Safety and Health

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Rolling out safety and health activities based on the President’s Safety and Health Management Policy

Rolling out safety and health activities based on the President’s Safety and Health Management Policy

The Meiden Group develops the “President’s Safety and Health Management Policy” each year, and rolls out occupational health and safety activities based on this.
The President’s policy is also drafted in English and Chinese, it is distributed to overseas affiliates, and it is comprehensively implemented, not only at each production site and work site, but also for contractors, whether in Japan or overseas.
We are aware that ensuring the safety and health of each employee is at the core of corporate management, and we aim to eliminate workplace accidents and maintain and improve health under the basic policy of “working to ensure a safe environment that is conducive to work and achieving comfort and affluence for employees.”

Safety and health education

Safety and health education

On-site safety patrol by officers

On-site safety patrol by officers

Anti-smoking class

Anti-smoking class

Safety patrol

Safety patrol

Awards for no accidents and no disasters

Awards for no accidents and no disasters

Awards for no accidents and no disasters
Emergency first aid workshop

Emergency first aid workshop

FY2019 President’s Safety and Health Management Policy

“Safety is our first priority” and “nothing is more valuable than good health”

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The Meiden Group Occupational Safety and Health Organizational

The Meiden Group Occupational Safety and Health Organizational

1. Basic Policy

The Meiden Group views the safety and health of employees as being central to management value, and we implement our corporate action guidelines of “working to ensure a safe environment that is conducive to work and achieve comfort and affluence for employees,” through increased personal awareness of safety and health at businesses in all countries and regions and ongoing improvement of the 4M elements.* Through these activities, we aim to achieve safe and healthy workplace environments at the Meiden Group and be a leading company when it comes to safety and health.
*4M: Management, machine, method, man

2. Action Guidelines

(1) Based on the recognition that securing the safe and positive & clean workplaces will be realized through good communication between the top management and the employees and as such, the top management shall highly value the occasions of the discussions with the employees and shall actively participate in such meetings with the employees.
(2) Abide by applicable legislation and other regulations and strictly obey the existing internal (each BU or workplace level) rules regarding OH&S. In so doing, aim to improve the Meiden Group’s OH&S management level.
(3) Promote the OH&S Management System and perform the Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle on a continuous basis. In so doing, improve the overall Meiden Group’s OH&S level.
(4) Eliminate occupational accidents, eliminate and reduce risks to an acceptable level in all workplaces, and realize safe and positive & clean workplaces.
(5) Work on to make the workplace to be a better place to work through the collective efforts by all employees and aim to revitalize the workplaces and improve the productivity level.
(6) Conduct OH&S education programs in the repeated manner, acquire correct knowledge and skills, improve awareness on the OH&S on a daily basis, increase opportunities to experience the importance of safety, and increase “the sensitivity of each person on the risks.” * *Note: This means one should be fully aware that there are some hidden dangers even in the daily activities. For example, when you walk down stairs under rain, you need to exercise your care on the risk of slippery surface and take a walk.
(7) All employees shall raise awareness of their own health and strive to improve mental and physical health.
(8) Properly implement three occupational health managements (work management, work environment management, health care management) and prevent health damage by the work.

The Meiden Group Occupational Safety and Health Organizational Chart (as of April 1, 2019)

The Meiden Group Occupational Safety and Health Organizational Chart (as of April 1, 2019)

Organization and Risk Evaluation
Supervision of Safety and Health Led by Top Managers

The Meiden Group believes that occupational safety and health is an important process for promoting businesses. At Meidensha, the President is responsible for accountability as the top safety and health manager, and the head of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management Unit (Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, Norio Takekawa) oversees tasks relating to safety and health. Under the supervision of the top manager, the whole group promotes the occupational safety and health management system and works to conduct various safety and health activities including initiatives to raise the level of safety and health at all companies and initiatives tailored to the state of affairs at individual companies in order to prevent industrial accidents such as injuries to employees. If an accident occurs, we will respond promptly and roll out recurrence prevention measures at all companies and business units in order to raise the level of safety and health management based on the precedent set by the industrial accident. Furthermore, if new employees or dispatch workers are employed, we conduct safety and health education and workplace instruction to promote early understanding of work procedures and dangers, etc.
Also, in Japan, we comply with laws, hold monthly meetings of the Safety and Health Committee at each site, where we encourage participation by unions and employees, and conduct consultation and information sharing relating to matters such as the causes and responses to industrial accidents, the status of employees that have taken time off work due to illness, and other matters that require attention. The Central Safety and Health Committee, which is chaired by the President, consults and makes decisions with regard to matters relating to group-wide policies and targets

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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Relating to Safety and Health

If a serious industrial accident occurs at the Meiden Group, irrespective of whether in Japan or overseas, the Executive Committee releases a status report and the top level of management gives instructions regarding response measures. From fiscal 2019, we have introduced an occupational safety and health system led by the top level of management, and we are working to develop and promote specific improvement plans from both the top down and the bottom up. We are working to uncover the causes of accidents that have occurred, reduce the risk of accidents through revision of risk assessments, restructure the company-wide safety management system, and enhance management in relation to safety, hygiene, and health. In addition, we are conducting initiatives to evaluate Meidensha’s safety and health activities from a third-party perspective such as factory risk surveys that cover fire and environmental risks and workplace inspections by outside consultants.

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Promoting the Occupational Safety and Health Management System

Promoting the Occupational Safety and Health Management System

We completed acquisition of OHSAS18001 for all of our four main Japanese production sites in fiscal 2015, including for all on-site affiliates at the Ota Works in October 2015, the Numazu Works in December 2015, and the Nagoya Works and KOFU MEIDENSHA ELECTRIC MFG. CO., LTD. in January 2016. Furthermore, we acquired OHSAS18001 for MEIDEN SINGAPORE PTE. LTD., which is our main overseas production site, in fiscal 2013, and for MEIDEN ZHENGZHOU ELECTRIC CO., LTD. in fiscal 2017. In fiscal 2018, we ensured compliance with ISO45001 and transitioned from conducting activities at individual sites to a group-wide occupational safety and health management system. In fiscal 2019, we will transition from OHSAS18001 to ISO45001.
Going forward, we will promote our occupational safety and health management system and work to create safe, secure, and healthy workplace environments for all Group employees at both Japanese and overseas sites.

Certification Status of the Occupational Safety and Health Management System
Area Scope
Ota area
Meidensha factories, research and development headquarters, staff business unit, on-site affiliates*


Numazu area
Meidensha factories, research and development headquarters, staff business unit, on-site affiliates*


Kofu area
KOFU MEIDENSHA ELECTRIC MFG. CO., LTD. / MEIDENSHA CORPORATION, EV Business Division (located in Kofu) / Electromotive Application Business Division
Nagoya area
Meidensha factories, research and development headquarters, staff business unit, on-site affiliates*


Overseas subsidiaries


Public Relations Section

Occupational Safety and Health Indicators (Meiden Group)

Plan and Targets
Occupational Safety and Health Indicators (Meiden Group)

Meiden Group Occupational Accidents (cases) Occupational Diseases (cases) Days Off Work Due to Illness Traffic Accidents (cases)
Lost Time Accidents No Lost Time Accients Total (including mental) Mental
(established values)
9 5 0 12,305 days 8,788 days 37
8,788 days
(target values)
(20% reduction compared to the previous year)
(30% reduction compared to the previous year)
0 11,690 days
(5% reduction compared to the previous year)
7,909 days
(10% reduction compared to the previous year)
(10% reduction compared to the previous year)
FY2019 targets (Meiden group)
Industrial Accidents ・Lost Time Accidents
 20% reduction compared to FY2018
・No Lost Time Accidents
 30% reduction compared to FY2018
Occupational Diseases ・0 cases Traffic Accidents 10% reduction compared to FY2018
Days Off Work Due to Illness
Compared to the previous Year
・Employees that took time off work due to illness
 5% reduction compared to FY2018
10% reduction compared to FY2018

Priority itemsSafety and Health Promotion Measures

With regard to the one accident that occurred in fiscal 2018 in which an employee of a contractor died at a worksite under the control of Meidensha, we take this situation very seriously, and we are working to increase employees’ sensitivity to danger by further enhancing management systems and following up danger prediction. In fiscal 2019, we plan to put a hands-on safety experience truck into operation for internal education, and educate all employees. Based on this, we will further increase the level of our safety and health and implement the following matters.

(1) Promotion of the Safety and Health Management System

We will promote risk management and safety and health activities and systematically strengthen our safety and health management framework based on the safety and health management system.

  1. We will follow up the targets and issues to be dealt with in each organization’s management system and improve the level of safety and health.
  2. We will conduct activities based on PDCA and improve occupational safety and health performance.
  3. We will correct industrial accidents and nonconformity as quickly as possible and conduct ongoing improvements.
  4. We will apply risk assessment to work processes and promote risk reduction through advance consideration.
  5. We are aware of the roles, rights, and responsibilities at each level, and we will manage operations as appropriate.
  6. We will introduce management systems and raise the level of safety and health at overseas subsidiaries.

(2) Compliance with Legal Requirements

We will manage, maintain, and evaluate the status of compliance with legal requirements in order to achieve thorough compliance.

(3) Improvement of Employees’ Safety and Health Awareness

We will increase the sensitivity of employees with regard to danger and hazards.

  1. We will increase awareness of personal safety and health and prevent accidents caused by inattention.
  2. We will clarify our chain of command (safety and health management framework) for our clients.
  3. We will roll out safety and health activities in conduction with each of our contractors.
  4. We will strengthen specific written work directives, as well as enhance reporting, communication, and consulting.

(4) Promotion of Activities to Prevent Industrial Accidents

We will promote activities to prevent accidents with a high risk of occurring, focusing on accidents relating to overturning, work in high places, and electricity, as well as risk factors such as being performed by inexperienced or elderly workers, based on the specifics of Meidensha’s and Japan’s industrial accidents.

  1. We will promote activities to prevent overturning accidents.
  2. We will not only check work methods and comply with the law with regard to working in high places, but we will create an environment where work can be conducted appropriately and prevent accidents due to falling.
  3. With regard to work relating to electricity, we will investigate and conduct improvements for work methods, use of protective equipment, and other equipment, and prevent industrial accidents due to electrocution or electric shocks.
  4. We will create workplaces that are considerate of elderly workers, give consideration to work methods, provide workplaces and roles that are comfortable for everyone, and prevent industrial accidents for elderly workers.
  5. We will revise OJT (On-the-Job Training) instruction methods and how directives are given, and prevent industrial accidents during OJT.
  6. We will conduct safety education for young experienced workers and improve the sensitivity to danger of young experienced workers.

(5) Promotion of a Healthy Work Environment and Its Appropriate Management

We will conduct the three forms of occupational health management (work environment management, work management, and health management) as appropriate, improve, maintain, and manage work environments, and prevent occupational diseases.

  1. With regard to work environments, we will take measurements of work environments, etc., and make improvements to environments based on the results. In particular, in the case of an evaluation as management classification 3, we will promptly draft and implement an improvement plan.
  2. We will install equipment such as local ventilation systems and manage its adequacy through inspections.
  3. We will manage work methods, work posture, and working hours, and reduce physical burden and exposure.
  4. We will appropriately manage dangerous and hazardous substances such as specified chemical substances, organic solvents, and dangerous substances.
  5. We will conduct appropriate use and management of safety and health protective equipment (dust masks, gas masks, protective gloves, protective glasses, earplugs, etc.).
  6. We will conduct special health examinations without exception and prevent occupational diseases for employees.
  7. We will create a system and structure that enables storage of special health examination results for the legally mandated period.
  8. We will promote measures to prevent heat stroke and prevent industrial accidents due to heat stroke.

(6) Achieving a Safe Workplace Environment

We will promote the 5 S’s with a focus on the 2 S’s, and achieve a safe and clean workplace environment.

  1. We will conduct periodic patrols of the 2 S’s for each section and improve the status of the 2 S’s in workplaces.
  2. We will place items in a fixed position and maintain workplaces in a constant state.
  3. We will promote the 2 S’s with regard to items both inside and outside buildings.
  4. We will maintain a clean and sanitary state at regular designated times for both equipment that is regularly used and equipment that is not regularly used.
  5. We will investigate unnecessary equipment and trees that impede walking and reduce items that are impediments or are unnecessary.
  6. We will promote the 5 S’s, and we will constantly maintain and improve an orderly and clean workplace environment.

(7) Measures to Reduce Traffic Accidents

We will prevent and implement measures against traffic accidents and promote activities aimed at preventing traffic accidents, particularly with regard to traffic accidents when commuting to and from work.

  1. We will create a map of traffic accidents in the area around work sites, and increase employees’ awareness of accidents by identifying areas with a high risk of accidents.
  2. We will ensure that employees comply with traffic rules as stipulated by the Road Traffic Act, and improve driving manners.
    (absolute prohibition of driving under the influence, elimination of speeding and parking infringements, and improving the manners of employees that commute by bicycle)
  3. Educate employees about safe driving awareness and manners by conducting traffic danger prediction and road safety education, etc.
  4. We will create instruction programs and recurrence prevention measures for employees to replay accidents.
  5. We will promote ongoing instruction to prohibit driving when tired, fatigued, or under the influence of alcohol, etc.
  6. We will clearly state response methods when the risk of an accident is high, etc., due to weather, etc.

(8) Measures to Prevent Traffic Accidents on Premises

  1. We will ensure total compliance with all on-site traffic rules and appropriate implementation of vehicle management regulations.
  2. We will ensure road safety within facilities such as factories and grounds and ensure pedestrian safety including for visitors.

(9)Comprehensiveness and Revitalization of Safety Activities

We will ensure comprehensiveness and revitalization of the safety activities conducted on a daily basis, including at factories, worksites, and staff business units, and foster improvements in workplace safety and a culture that values safety.

  1. We will revitalize safety and health activities conducted on a daily basis, including workplace inspections, danger prediction, safety proposals, and analysis of near-miss incidents.
  2. We will spread the practice of pointing and calling in the workplace and prevent human errors.
  3. We will follow up danger prediction at all sites and offices, share information about danger, and increase sensitivity to danger.
  4. We will confirm safety and health prior to work through a self-administered questionnaire (solo danger prediction), and conduct solo work in a safe manner.
  5. We will conduct periodic patrols of construction units at all levels including management level.
  6. During safety week, we will conduct cross-patrols to enable patrols of workplaces from a range of perspectives.
  7. We will distribute information of industrial accidents to all companies and prevent similar accidents from occurring.
  8. After industrial accidents have occurred, we will roll out measures to prevent similar accidents from occurring.
  9. We will promote visualization of danger through safety and health signage, etc.

(10) Promotion of Risk Assessment and Continuous Improvements through Risk Reduction Measures

We will promote discovery of risk in work processes, formulate improvement plans for high-risk work, and promote risk reduction.

  1. We will promote the utilization of unified risk assessment for all companies and ensure that risk management techniques that rely on risk assessment are implemented throughout the entire Meiden Group.
  2. We will appoint and train risk assessors and improve the level of risk assessment.
  3. We will substantially increase the safety of risk reduction measures and strengthen hard measures.
  4. We will conduct risk assessment and prevent industrial accidents for regular work.
  5. We will review work for which soft risk reduction measures have been implemented and work to implement high-priority risk reduction measures.
  6. We will conduct risk assessment of chemical substances as appropriate and reduce the risk of exposure to chemical substances.

(11) Thorough Safety and Health Education

We will conduct thorough education, which is a major pillar of preventing industrial accidents and impairments to health.

  1. We will conduct education for managers and overseers to improve abilities relating to safety and health-related roles and safety and health instruction, and we will create workplaces where managers and overseers take the lead in making safety the top priority.
  2. We will ensure that we conduct and report safety and health education when hiring or transferring employees for dangerous or hazardous work.
  3. We will periodically conduct and report safety and health education for employees engaging in dangerous or hazardous work.
  4. We will conduct education to improve the abilities of work leaders and reconfirm the required number of employees.
  5. We will create and implement a program to improve the abilities of safety and health management staff (safety managers, health managers, and work leaders, etc.) through education and training, etc.
  6. We will conduct safety and health education for dispatch workers and new workers.
  7. We will conduct education for workers that we dispatch.
  8. We will ensure storage and management of education records.
  9. We will promote acquisition of qualifications and training of successors.

Health Promotion Policies

(1) Enhancement of Health Promotion Systems

We will enhance health management systems, work to reduce comments in health examinations, and improve each employee’s awareness of self-management.

  1. We will achieve a 100% rate of undergoing legally mandated health examinations.
  2. We will follow up comments after health examinations have been conducted, and in particular, we will achieve a follow up rate of at least 80% (by email, telephone, or face-to-face, etc.) for employees with a rating of D or above according to Meidensha’s standards.
  3. We will conduct various activities such as health education in order to improve health maintenance.
  4. We will promote prevention of infectious diseases such as influenza. We will reduce influenza infections by 10% year on year.
  5. We will manage work environments and make health inquiries in hot conditions and work to prevent heat stroke.

(2) Promotion of Measures to Prevent Health Impairment Due to Overwork

We will promote overwork prevention measures and health management measures, and reduce the number of employees working more than 80 hours outside of regular working hours to zero in order to reduce the risk of physical and mental illness from overwork.

  1. We will maintain an appropriate understanding of work hours and comply with the 36 Agreement.
  2. We will promote improved awareness of management and reduce overtime through the Safety and Health Committee and Workplace Productivity Promotion Office, etc.
  3. We will promote utilization of time off in lieu and annual paid leave, and we will ensure that all employees access at least five days of paid leave per year.
  4. We will implement measures to prevent health impairment from overwork and conduct follow ups as appropriate according to the results of health examinations of those that have engaged in excess overtime.

(3) Creation of a Comfortable Workplace Environment and Health Promotion Policies

We will work with health insurance associations to revitalize individuals and workplaces through ongoing improvements to workplace environments.

  1. We will review smoking locations, build completely separate smoking facilities, and create workplace environments where passive smoking does not occur.
  2. We aim to reduce the smoking rate by holding anti-smoking classes and providing assistance for anti-smoking treatment.
  3. We will promote exercise activities (radio calisthenics and stretching, etc.).
  4. We will revitalize communication within workplaces and aim for workplaces to be low-stress environments.
  5. We will keep track of employees’ diets and promote employees’ health through dietary improvement.
  6. We will conduct education for managers relating to workplace health management and improve awareness of health in the workplace.
  7. We will conduct education for young employees relating to health promotion and encourage employees to think about their current and future health.
  8. We will promote measures to prevent illness by providing support for influenza vaccinations.
  9. We will ensure that 100% of health examinations are conducted for all employees.

(4) Enhancement of the Mental Health Promotion System and Promotion of Workplaces that Do Not Result in Mental Illness

We will enhance measures to prevent negative impacts on mental health, promote early discovery and early response to mental illness, and provide support for sufferers to return to work.

  1. We will develop mental health plans and increase awareness of employees’ mental health.
  2. We will implement education through the company-wide education system and further promote self-care and line-care and provide comprehensive support by utilizing outside institutions and industrial health staff.
  3. We will conduct annual stress checks for all employees of the Japanese Meiden Group, give employees tools to become aware of their own stress levels, and promote self-development (self-care awareness).
  4. We will use the group analysis results of stress checks to improve workplace environments.
  5. We will provide full support to employees that have repeated mental illness relapses.
  6. We will ensure uptake of our program that supports returning to work in order to provide support to the afflicted party and their superiors and prevent relapses.
  7. We will establish a system that allows all employees to consult by widely advertising our mental health consultation system.
Public Relations Section

Occupational Safety and Health Data

Results Data
Occupational Safety and Health Data

Occupational Safety and Health Data (only Meidensha)
Item   2015 2016 2017 2018
Lost time accidents rate*1 All industries 1.61 1.63 1.66 1.83
Electrical industry 0.13 0.17 0.19 0.16
Meidensha 0.44 0.96 0.29 0.99
Severity rate of lost time accidents*2 All industries 0.07 0.10 0.09 0.09
Electrical industry 0.02 0.04 0.02 0.03
Meidensha 0.01 0.02 0.01 1.28
Number of fatalities (people) Meidensha 0 0 0 1
Number of lost time accidents (cases) 3 6 2 6
Number of no lost time accidents (cases) 4 7 5 3

*1 Accidents rate = (Number of fatalities and injuries caused by occupational accidents/Number of hours worked) x 1,000,000
If the same person is hurt in more than one accident, the number of people that have been killed or injured reflects the number of accidents.
*2 Severity rate = (Number of days of work lost/Number of hours worked) x 1,000

People that have taken time off work for mental health reasons (only Meidensha)
Item FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Employees that took time off work due to illness (people) 11 19 18 12
Number of participants in occupational safety and health education (Meiden Group)
Item FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Occupational safety and health education (including hands-on safety training) (people) 1,003 965 1,873 2,114

Safety record

Safety record

*Minor injuries are not included in the number of cases.

Number of official participants in the Combined Labor and Management Safety and Health Committee as labor delegates
Item FY2017 FY2018
Proportion of total workers (those whose work or workplace is under organizational control) that send delegates to the Combined Labor and Management Safety and Health Committee 1.96%
(38 people (delegates)/1,936 people)
(37 people (delegates)/2,368 people)
Public Relations Section

Safety and Health Promotion Measures

Safety and Health Promotion Measures

Safety and Health Education at ASEAN Subsidiaries (including group-wide experiential education)

Since fiscal 2014, we have been conducting occupational safety and health education (including group-wide experiential education) and quality management education for local staff and workers at Southeast Asian subsidiaries, on an ongoing basis. We are spreading occupational safety and health management knowledge and quality management knowledge and technology according to Japanese standards, and contributing to lifting the occupational health and safety management standards and quality management standards of local subsidiaries. We are expanding the scope of this training from being limited to superintendents to include general workers.
The Meiden Group hopes to continue to globally spread our corporate philosophies of “illuminating a more affluent tomorrow” and “for customer peace of mind and satisfaction” and to fulfill our social responsibility.

Meidensha’s original On-site Safety and Health Management Standards, Chapter 1 - General Provisions (combined Japanese and English edition)

Meidensha’s original On-site Safety and Health Management Standards, Chapter 1 - General Provisions (combined Japanese and English edition)

Experiential Education Using VR

Since fiscal 2014, the Meiden Group has created hands-on safety experience containers and held hands-on safety experience education in various locations for people that work at sites with a high probability of an accident with the slogan of “if you can’t come to us, we will go to you.” In fiscal 2017, we completed the long-awaited hands-on safety experience truck, and since then, we have been actively conducting hands-on safety experience education activities around Japan.
In addition, with regard to the content of the education, in May 2016, we introduced “VR Hands-on Safety Experience Equipment” that allows people to experience mock events through virtual reality (VR) relying on CG content. This educational activity realistically recreates workplace accidents that are difficult for employees to actually experience, such as “falling from a work platform” and “burns incurred when using a grinder” through equipment such as a head mounted display, which will lead to awareness of danger in the workplace.
In fiscal 2017, we developed VR programs for factory-related work, including “collision with a forklift,” “dropping a load from a forklift,” “collision with a load hanging from a hoist,” “collision by a load being moved by a hoist with another party,” “falling when climbing to a transformer in a high location,” and “falling when passing tools while performing work on top of a transformer,” and we increased the quality of materials used for experiential education. Because of this, participants were able to undergo experiences that were even more closely related to their work.

Safety and Health that Extends beyond Individual Companies

Since fiscal 2017, the Meiden Group has provided opportunities to share information and exchange opinions about occupational safety and health management, and we hold conferences for the Meiden Group’s safety and health and health management managers for the purpose of raising the management level and fostering unity throughout the entire Group. The second conference, which was held in November 2018, was held at the Numazu Works, and participants exchanged opinions about safety and health, participated in factory observations, and experienced safety experience education. On this occasion, we also invited safety managers from MEIDEN SINGAPORE PTE. LTD., which is our Singapore subsidiary, to talk about overseas health and safety, which provided an opportunity for us to broadly learn about worksites and safety and health initiatives at an overseas subsidiary.
In fiscal 2019, we will invite safety managers from even more overseas subsidiaries with the aim of raising the level of safety, hygiene, and health throughout the entire Meiden Group, both in Japan and at overseas subsidiaries.

Public Relations Section

Health Promotion Measures

Policy and Initiatives
Health Promotion Measures

Health Promotion: Aiming to Maintain and Improve the Health of Employees

The President’s Safety and Health Management Policy states that “nothing is more valuable than good health,” and the Meiden Group is conducting measures and implementing a system to improve the health of employees. We have followed up employees that receive comments in their periodic health examination results and conducted initiatives such as mental health measures, health management of workers that work long hours, and various forms of health education on an ongoing basis. In order to further enhance these initiatives, we drafted the President’s Health and Wellness Management Policy Statement and commenced its implementation in fiscal 2019.
Furthermore, in order to realize the Meiden Group’s corporate philosophy of “illuminating a more affluent tomorrow,” it is important for employees to maintain their physical and mental health and work with vigor and purpose. We are promoting activities as an organization to support the health of each individual such as sharing the belief that “nothing is more valuable than good health” with all employees and actively supporting employees’ own health activities. Through these activities, we are working to become a company that enables employees and their families to live a vigorous and healthy lifestyle.

The Meiden Group will promote the following five core principles of health management initiatives.

Health Promotion Measures

Promotion of Mental Health Measures

The Meiden Group’s Mental Health Care Philosophy

With regard to the maintenance of our employees’ health, we aim to create a workplace environment that is safe and conducive to work and achieves comfort and affluence for Meiden Group employees, and we are working to implement various mental health care measures for employees that have received comments relating to lifestyle illnesses in their periodic health examination results, employees that feel anxious or stressed in the workplace or in their daily lives, and employees dealing with mental health issues due to stress, etc., arising from long hours of overtime or work. These initiatives are discussed, considered, and promoted by the Central and Regional Safety and Health Committees, etc.

FY2018 implementation status of stress checks

In fiscal 2018, we focused on individual care, as well as workplace improvements using group analysis results gained from stress check data. The whole group’s rate of undergoing examinations was 93.4%, which is an improvement on the previous year (91.7%). We report the rate of undergoing examination and the results of the examinations to the executive committee, and we promote mental health measures. Furthermore, we have established a system to follow up stress check results, we are now in a position to work towards implementing meetings with doctors and workplace improvements for high-stress workplaces, and the whole Meiden Group is responding to stress as appropriate.

For the Safety and Security of Overseas Workers

As the number of overseas workers has increased, we have promoted initiatives to increase the safety and security of international dispatch workers, international transferees, and their families. Since fiscal 2012, we have worked with International SOS Japan Ltd., which is a medical security service company that operates in more than 700 locations around the world to create an environment that enables employees of the Meiden Group and their families to receive necessary emergency services such as consultations with doctors and hospital reservations, etc., in the location of their posting, and periodically receive security information and medical information.

Public Relations Section

Road Safety Promotion Measures

Road Safety Promotion Measures

Road Safety Seminars

Road safety is an important aspect of both industrial safety and community participation.
The Meiden Group conducts road safety seminars at two locations with the support of the police.
Attendance of the road safety seminars is mandatory for employees that drive as part of their work. At the seminars, we conduct education with regard to attitude towards driving a vehicle as a member of society as well as road safety knowledge and manners.

Public Relations Section

For Employees Traveling Overseas

For Employees Traveling Overseas

Based on our health management policy, if an employee becomes infected with influenza, said employee or a representative of said employee shall promptly lodge a report through the Influenza Notification System and the Company shall take steps to prevent the infection spreading such as ensuring the infected employee will stay at home for a set period and notifying relevant departments.
Furthermore, we provide pre-departure explanations of overseas lifestyle, medical treatment, and safety, etc., as well as education concerning infectious diseases that are global health issues including malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS for international transferees from industrial physicians. We are conducting initiatives such as promoting vaccinations as appropriate to the country visited, and otherwise working to maintain health.

Public Relations Section