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Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

SustainabilityEditorial Policy

Editorial Policy

The Meiden Group informs its stakeholders of its attitude and initiatives relating to social responsibility through the two media of the Meidensha Report (print edition and web edition) and the Meiden Group CSR (web edition).
With regard to the content of the reports, we work to collect and analyze information that meets our stakeholders’ expectations and is of interest to our stakeholders, and distribute it through regular notices, IR activities, and interviews with each department.
Furthermore, the Meiden Group is conducting internal communication activities as part of the process of drafting reports in order to understand changes in the external environment and share future issues and trends. In addition, we work to strategically promote future CSR initiatives by exchanging opinions based on the reports that have been created, and having each department reflect on its own activities, taking into account outside perspectives.

Report Media

1. Meidensha Report print edition and web edition

A comprehensive collection of financial information concerning the Meiden Group and nonfinancial information such as initiatives that contribute to improving corporate value and management strategies.

1. Booklet, PDF

1. Booklet, PDF

Meidensha Report

2. Meiden Group CSR web edition (this website)

A summarized introduction focusing on specific initiatives to tackle CSR issues that the Meiden Group considers important.


2. Web edition

Reporting Period

This report mainly covers initiatives taken in fiscal 2019 (April 1, 2019 - March 31, 2020)
It also includes some information from prior to fiscal 2018 and until July 2020.

Subject Organizations

The report mainly covers initiatives of Meidensha Corporation and its affiliated companies. Human resources data applies to affiliated companies in Japan, while environmental reporting data applies to Meidensha and its 40 major affiliated companies (21 in Japan and 19 overseas).


  • Publication of this report: September 2020
  • Next scheduled publication: August 2021

Guidelines Used as References

  • International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) “The International Integrated Reporting Framework”
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry “Guidance for Collaborative Value Creation”
  • GRI “Sustainability Reporting Standards”
    *Although this report is based on the reporting principles, the content does not necessarily conform to them.
  • Ministry of the Environment “Environmental Reporting Guidelines (Fiscal Year 2018 Version)”

Inquiries about This Report

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In addition to past and current facts about the Meiden Group, this report contains forecasts for the future based on plans, outlooks and business policies and strategies in effect at the time of publication. These forecasts are our assumptions and judgments as based on information available at the time they were stated, and may differ from actual business activity results and events in future owing to changes in conditions.

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