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Product Initiatives (Promote Environmentally Conscious Design)

EnvironmentProduct Initiatives (Promote environmentally conscious design)

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Promote environmentally conscious design

Promote environmentally conscious design

The Meiden Group is promoting development of environmentally conscious products that reduce our impact on the environment.

Product environmental assessment

Any time we develop a new product, we evaluate it for energy and resource conservation, recyclability, environmental safety, and more, based on our Product Environmental Assessment Standard. If a product meets those standards, we certify it as a Meiden Green Product.
For the evaluation item “consideration of lifecycle,” we calculate CO2 emissions according to a life cycle assessment (LCA), and we encourage environmentally conscious design in order to reduce CO2 emissions.

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Life cycle assessment (LCA) initiatives

Life cycle assessment (LCA) initiatives

Environment label (type Ⅱ) indicating conformity with Meidensha Green Product standards

Environment label (type Ⅱ) indicating conformity with Meidensha Green Product standards

The Meiden Group conducts an assessment of the environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle, from procurement of components through to disposal, in accordance with our Guidelines for Environmental Action. We use the LCA method to quantify the environmental impact of products and services, which helps us to improve environmental performance at the design and development stage and to conduct product explanations to customers and PR, etc.

Product environmental assessment standards

Classification Items
Product volume reduction ◦Weight reduction
◦External dimensions and capacity
◦Reduction of number of components
Energy and resource conservation ◦Reduction of power consumption
◦Water saving
◦Reduction of consumables
◦Reduction of packaging volume
Recycling ◦Use of recycled materials
◦Separability of materials
◦Ease of collection and transport
Long-term usability ◦Maintainability
◦Reliability and durability
Management of chemical substances ◦Environmental friendliness
Life cycle consideration ◦Reduction of life cycle environmental impact
◦Disclosure of information concerning evaluation of environmental impact
Environmental safety ◦Danger of fire or explosion
◦Danger at time of dismantlement
◦Environmental measures
Information disclosure ◦Provision of information concerning a product’s environmental impact
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