The President’s Commitment

Sustainability - The President’s Commitment

The President’s Commitment

The President’s Commitment

Work to build a new society through integrity to the earth, society, and people, and through the power of co-creation

To adapt to a continually changing world, Meidensha is committed to never losing sight of the values that make up our core identity. As with global environmental problems, there is an increasing number of medium to long-term issues that must be dealt with without delay. With that in mind, we have conducted various internal discussions concerning how we should develop our businesses as the Meiden Group.

Firstly, we aim to realize a world where people live in harmony with nature and can pursue their own happiness. Against that backdrop, we described our ideal society using the following three points.

  • A Resilient Society Where Humans Live in Harmony with Nature
  • A Society that Feels Safe, Prosperous, and Exciting
  • A Society Where Different Communities and People Can Coexist

In order to realize this ideal society, the Meiden Group held multiple discussions about creating long-term value, to establish “work to build a new society through integrity to the earth, society, and people, and through the power of co-creation” as our 2030 Ideal State of Being/Vision, with an eye to the worldview of 2050.

It is essential for us to undergo a number of changes in order to achieve our Ideal State of Being/Vision. We are now facing the issue that society is undergoing structural changes and we must respond to social issues as they become apparent. It is extremely important to be proactive and work together with like-minded compatriots. Therefore, I believe we should remember the DNA of social contribution and spirit of innovation that Hosui Shigemune had when he founded Meidensha, as well as the honesty and responsibility to customers that has supported social infrastructure for more than 120 years since then, and take on the challenge of creating a new society by expanding and strengthening our position, in order to be an attractive company and organization.

In order to achieve our Ideal State of Being/Vision, we have articulated our specific form and role as a “sustainability partner” for the achievement of people’s happiness and a sustainable global environment.
This label of “sustainability partner” has two meanings. The first is a partner as a member of society to achieve a sustainable global environment, while the other is our role as a partner to support various stakeholders such as employees, shareholders, investors, and customers, to achieve sustainability.

We will contribute to the solution of our customers’ issues, support the realization of a sustainable society, and fulfil our responsibility as a company that is a member of a sustainable society. This is what we define as the role of a “sustainability partner.”
I am proud that each and every Meiden Group employee sincerely tackles the issues of our customers and works with the pride that they are supporting social infrastructure and benefiting society.

In order to realize an affluent and comfortable future society, I sincerely hope that the Meiden Group continues to support public infrastructure in 100 or 200 years from now and daringly accepts the challenge of creating new value, while continuing the social contribution and sincere attitude that are our corporate DNA.

Representative Director
President and Executive Officer
Akio Inoue
Representative Director President and Executive Officer Akio Inoue
Public Relations Section