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The President’s Commitment

The President’s Commitment

SustainabilityThe President’s Commitment

We will contribute to the realization of a more affluent future and sustainable growth, while aiming to increase corporate value.

The Meiden Group considers compliance, corporate governance, and risk management to be the foundations of management. In particular, with respect to corporate governance, we are working to further improve the management’s efficiency and fairness through initiatives that contribute to the improved effectiveness of executive functions—based on the executive officer system and the decision making and oversight functions of the board of directors—along with appropriate information disclosure to stakeholders, including shareholders, through Investor R and other activities.
Furthermore, we will satisfy our social responsibilities by focusing on three key areas: the environment, society, and human resources.
First, to focus on the environment, we will strategically promote environmental management, contribute to society from an environmental and energy perspective through our products and services, and work to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities. Second, to address society, we will not only solve customer problems through our products and services, but also provide the value needed by society as corporate citizens through active communication with local communities.

Third, with regard to human resources, I feel that the Meiden Group’s growth is dependent on the continued development of our employees. We are actively promoting human resource policies to create an environment where people with various abilities can use their individual abilities to work in a variety of ways.
As a manufacturer with a history spanning more than 120 years, we have created a variety of technologies, products, and services as well as investigated ways to contribute to society on a daily basis. The root of this has been our sense of purpose, the will to challenge ourselves to meet the expectations of our customers and society, and our “passion for manufacturing excellence.” Going forward we will steadily implement measures in line with the current business environment to contribute to the realization of a prosperous future society and sustainable growth, while also improving corporate value. We appreciate and thank you for your continued support.

The Meiden Group is working to take a “powerful step forward” in the Medium-term Management Plan 2020 put into place during FY2018. During the “jump” period following this medium-term management plan, we will actively invest and take measure of equipment, personnel, research and development, and strengthen partnerships, while at the same time expanding our business and creating a balanced business structure. We aim to realize quality growth by improving profit margins.

The strength of the Meiden Group, and the source of value creation, is a strong sense of mission to support the social infrastructure that we have cultivated through long-term relationships with customers, connections such as networks with customers and collaboration within the group, and a power and mobility that responds quickly and flexibly to customer requests and issues. Going forward, we aim to maximize corporate value by continuing to develop each of these three strengths.
We will continue to actively challenge ourselves to create new technologies and new value, in order to contribute to the realization of a more affluent and environmentally conscious society.

Representative Director and President
Takeshi Miida
Takeshi Miida

Public Relations Section