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Human Rights

Human Rights

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Compliance with ILO Labor Standards

Compliance with ILO Labor Standards

Based on a fair and just employment system, we are creating workplaces that are conducive to work, and where each of the Meiden Group’s employees showcase their abilities as much as possible. Furthermore, we respect the basic human rights, such as “Freedom of Association Convention,” “Prohibition of Forced Labor and Child Labor,” and “Elimination of Discriminatory Treatment in Respect of Employment and Occupation,” which are among the ILO’s* core labor standards. We will continue and promote initiatives to protect human rights through human rights trainings.

* ILO (International Labor Organization): A UN organization that gives recommendations and guidance to national governments with regard to improving labor conditions and social welfare.

Policies and Initiatives Aimed at Labor Issues

Item Policies and Initiatives
Respecting human rights The Meidensha Corporate Code of Conduct includes “respect for human rights,” and stipulates that fundamental human rights shall be respected by regarding people as individuals without discrimination based on nationality, race, beliefs, gender, social status or other factors.
As a member of international society as well as of local communities, we promote business activities while respecting cultures and customs from a global perspective and working to achieve cooperation and harmony with local communities.
We also comply with all relevant laws concerning the prohibition of forced labor and abolition of child labor. We are conducting various types of training and educational activities to achieve respect for fundamental human rights.
Interaction with employee representatives We value conversations between employee representatives and managers to ensure that employees can engage in meaningful work. We have established a regular central labor-management conference and regional labor-management conferences, and we are working to improve the workplace environment according to the circumstances of each site.
Support for a living wage We provide a family allowance to support the lifestyles of employees who satisfy certain conditions such as carrying spouses and children to provide for.
The Meiden Group Mutual Aid Association also provides various types of condolence, sympathy, and celebratory monetary funds, as well as loans for financial assistance required for the mutual support and welfare of members. In addition, we have a home loan program to receive funding from financial institutions when those who have saved property accumulation residence fund eventually make a purchase.
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Risk Management

Risk Management

Establishment of an Internal Hotline System for Compliance Violations (Internal Hotline System)

We introduced a whistleblower system that enables direct reporting to the internal compliance manager (business unit) or an external law firm in order to prevent, discover quickly, and immediately rectify illegal and inappropriate conduct. We established an Internal Hotline System for Compliance Violations.
This system may be used by employees of the Meiden Group (including retirees), temporary staff and subcontractors, and business partners. Furthermore, we are working to increase the dependability of information management, such as the names of whistleblowers and of the whistleblower system as a whole, in accordance with national guidelines, to ensure that whistleblowers are not disadvantaged by using the system.
We investigate all reports and promptly take appropriate measures as necessary having confirmed the facts of the matter.

Whistleblower System on Compliance

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Promotion of Respect for Human Rights

Promotion of Respect for Human Rights

Human Rights Education for Officers and Employees

The entire Meiden Group understands international norms (Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Bill of Human Rights) and is working to conduct education activities focused on human rights. With the aim of ensuring “respect for human rights,” which is listed in the Meidensha Corporate Code of Conduct.
We conduct periodic group training and visual education, relating to compliance and harassment for all Group employees and improve understanding and awareness by providing opportunities for individuals to reexamine their workplace and views.
With regard to mental health, we conduct education as part of our level-dependent education in the second year after joining the company, and we are reinforcing our efforts in relation to younger employees.

Content of Human Rights Training (FY2019)

Content of Initiatives Targets
Workplace discussions relating to compliance and human rights All employees
Anti-compliance and harassment training All employees
Mental health training Second-year employees

Regarding harassment, we have established an internal consultation system to respond promptly while adhering to the principles of protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the user. The system is available to Meiden Group employees as well as dispatch workers and contractors. Information obtained through the system is used to conduct surveys of the user and relevant parties, provide feedback after having understood the situation, and prevent recurrence. The system provides an opportunity to implement recurrence prevention measures and conduct individual education.
We have also included items concerning harassment in our employee awareness survey, which allows us to observe trends each year.

Harassment prevention system

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