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Evaluations from External Bodies

Evaluations from External Bodies

SustainabilityEvaluations from External Bodies

Status of incorporation of the ESG Index* (as of July 2019)

*ESG is an abbreviation of “environment,” “social,” and “governance.” Consideration is given to environmental and social factors, which are important elements to determine whether to make an investment, in addition to financial factors.

S&P/JPX Carbon Efficient Index

The S&P/JPX Carbon Efficient Index is an environmental index that was developed by S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC. It gives weight to companies with high carbon efficiency and that fully disclose carbon emissions. The S&P/JPX Carbon Efficient Index also serves as an ESG index for Japanese companies that are GPIF investment targets. Meidensha was added to the index in 2018.

S&P/JPX Carbon Efficient Index


SNAM Sustainability Index

Meidensha has been selected for the SNAM Sustainability Index, which was instituted by Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Asset Management (SNAM) in August 2012.
SNAM Sustainable Investment is a responsible investment product for pension funds and institutional investors that invests broadly in companies with a high ESG (environment/social/ governance) rating.
Each year, revision of companies listed in the index is conducted based on the results of investigations conducted by Sompo Risk Management Inc. (environmental investigation) and IntegreX Inc. (social and governance investigation). Meidensha’s ESG initiatives have been highly rated by these investigations, leading us to be continuously selected by IntegreX since fiscal 2016.



Other Major Evaluations from Outside the Company





CDP (climate change and water)

CDP is an international NGO that operates a global information disclosure system to manage the environmental impact of investors, companies, cities, countries, and regions. It investigates, evaluates, and discloses information about environmental initiatives on behalf of institutional investors. Meidensha received a rating of C for climate change and C for water security from CDP in 2018.


In 2017, Meidensha received the highest level of Eruboshi mark (grade 3).
Eruboshi is a system under which certification is granted by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare to companies that have formulated and submitted action plans under the Act for the Promotion of Women’s Participation in Working Life (Act for the Promotion of Women’s Participation), that meet certain standards, and that have been exceptional in their implementation of initiatives. There are three levels of certification, and Meidensha has received grade 3, which is the highest level as it is recognized as having met the required standards in all five evaluation categories. Receiving Eruboshi certification also increases our rating for comprehensive evaluation bidding systems, etc., of public enterprise.



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