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HR Development Policy

We value our employees as the foundation of the Company and support each one to grow and fulfill their potential.

  1. 1. We clearly state the required qualities and abilities for employees, and conduct systematic training in order to implement and promote our business strategy.
  2. 2. We provide each employee with opportunities to engage in self-directed and multifaceted learning.
  3. 3. We create an environment that is supportive of employees embracing new challenges.

Plan and Targets

We implement many training programs to encourage employee growth in different aspects as an employee, member of society, and professional.
As the business environment under Medium-term Management Plan 2020 becomes increasingly unclear, we are focusing on creating the value necessary to solve these issues, in order to, enhance corporate competitiveness and training personnel to think flexibly and act courageously.
Furthermore, continuing development of global operations offers increasing opportunities for strategic alliances such as technical collaboration with foreign companies, as well as working with people with differing viewpoints or abilities.
We are promoting growth through opportunities to work with diverse personnel, such as our system of offering staff exchanges with local employees from overseas subsidiaries, the foreign trainee system, and the overseas assignment system.

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Training system

Training system


Level-Dependent Curriculum

This training facilitates understanding of the roles, abilities and skills required of each age group or qualification level. Smooth growth and implementation are expected from this training.

Selective Program

This training hones thought patterns, skills, and practical abilities to solve problems faced by management, in order to enhance management capabilities.

Optional Program

This training teaches the knowledge and skills necessary for employees to achieve their own career goals.

Technical Training

This training teaches product knowledge according to the technical level of the employee.

Self-Development and Acquisition of Qualifications

We cover 60% of course fees and cover the full amount if completed with high grades, if the required distance education has been completed.

We provide incentives for acquiring designated public qualifications at the time of acquisition.

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Development of Personnel that are able to Implement and Promote Our Business Strategy

Development of Personnel with Abilities to Implement and Promote Our Business Strategy

Extensive Technical Education

In fiscal 2018, we established the Meiden Youth Academy in order to enhance technical education for young employees. We used to conduct technical education for technical employees; however at Meiden Youth Academy, we provide opportunities to gain fundamental knowledge about electricity, which is essential to understand Meidensha’s products and technologies, for all workers in their first three years at the company, irrespective of whether they are in a technical or administrative role.
In fiscal 2019, we launched the ICT Fundamentals Course at the Meiden Youth Academy, where workers acquire software basics, concepts, and information literacy from a young age. In order to develop human resources who revitalize the promotion of business reform through digital use and make business proposals.

Technical Education System

Technical Education System

Acquisition and Transmission of Techniques and Skills

In October 2020, we plan to open a technological training center at the Numazu Works, in order for technicians to achieve rapid acquisition/transmission of techniques/skills.
At the technological training center, we will provide a full range of experiential educational contents through technical and skills education instructed by coaches led by skilled workers, as well as facilities that use VR (virtual reality) and augmented reality (AR), and systematically develop and improve the level of technicians. We plan to make this facility open to customers and local residents.

Image of the technological training center (scheduled to open in October 2020)

Image of the technological training center
(scheduled to open in October 2020)

Safety experience using VR

Safety experience using VR

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Developing the Next Generation of Group Personnel

Developing the Next Generation of Group Personnel

Systematic Development of Management Personnel

Since fiscal 2019, we have established a new Career Development Management Program, a training program to systematically and strategically develop the next generation of personnel.
We aim to develop personnel that can think and act with a broad perspective and outlook that exceed the bounds of their own areas of specialty and roles by selecting and recruiting young and mid-level personnel to attend business school and engage in professional exchange with people outside of their own business divisions, factories, and business units, engage in personal exchange with overseas subsidiaries and Japanese subsidiaries, and engage in cultural exchange through placement outside of the Group and at government institutions, etc.
We have further added a young employee program to selective training in order to systematically develop the next generation of management personnel.
In addition, we increase creativity and foster innovative mindset through absorption of diverse knowledge and broadening experiences, by introducing the Innovation Professional Development Program for the next generation of management and using professional development measures to provide experience in new areas.

Systematic Development of Management Personnel

Systematic Development of Management Personnel

Local Staff Development

Since fiscal 2018, the Meiden Group has been conducting a Japanese exchange program for local staff (employees of overseas subsidiaries) in order to develop personnel who are candidates for leadership positions at overseas subsidiaries. The program includes interaction with Meidensha management, observations at Japanese sites and factories to which products are delivered, and on-the-job training at various workplaces for the purpose of increasing preparedness to take on leadership roles and the knowledge necessary for top management positions in the Meiden Group. This Group-wide interaction of personnel and creating personal connections bring the Meiden Group together.

ThinkPark Tower


ThinkPark Forest


ThinkPark Forest


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Strengthening Internal Connections and Fostering an Atmosphere of Professional Development

Career Formation and Networking of Young Employees

Raising Awareness of Career Formation

We conduct a rotation system to systematically develop young employees. Based on a rotation model, individuals share their career plans with their workplaces and the HR Department, and we implement rotation through regular interviews, etc. Having young employees experience a variety of jobs supports early development of their ability and raise their awareness of career formation.

Revitalizing the MFC Mentor System

In fiscal 2016, we introduced the MFC mentor system for the purpose of strengthening internal connections between young employees and building an atmosphere of professional development. The MFC stands for “Meiden Family Chain” with the idea that staff would form a supportive familial bond where they would support each other like links in a chain. Meidensha refers mentors as “seniors” and mentees as “juniors.” We also have groups consisting of multiple pairs, which we call them “families,” that create bonds that go beyond divisions and business units. We provide further impetus to activities by holding social events for families, and by establishing a Promotion Committee for young employees to plan and implement company-wide activities.

Composition of MFC Families

Composition of MFC Families

Results Data

Number of Participants in Each Type of Training
Training Type FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Hierarchical program 595 643 630
Selective program 67 72 147
Optional program 114 85 57
Technical training 690 691 1,103
Other 2,275 1,983 1,774
Total 3,741 3,474 3,711
Data Concerning Professional Development
Item FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Total expenses of education and training*1 98,598,000 yen 97,877,000 yen 95,375,000 yen
Total hours of education and training*2 46,064 hours 46,183 hours 52,550 hours

*1 Excludes personnel expenses for trainers and management and administrative expenses for training facilities, etc.

*2 Training days x designated work hours x number of participants (excludes OJT and remote training).

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